St Francis CofE Primary School

Who we are



Name Type of Governor  Position  Commitee Governor Till 
Mr Glenn Smith  Foundation   Finance, Staffing and Premises / Health and Safety / Foundation April 2020
Mrs Sarah Soady  Foundation  Chair Curriculum, Achievement and Safeguarding / Admission / Foundation May 2020
Heather Large    Clerk     
Mr Joy Farrell    Headteacher All  
Mrs Liz Gibbons Foundation
Foundation / Curriculum, Achievement and SafeguardingSept 2019
Mrs Helen Jenkins  Foundation    Finance, Staffing and Premises / Foundation  March 2019 
Mrs Rachel Saunders  Foundation    Foundation / Curriculum, Achievement and Safeguarding March 2019 
Mrs Julie Hailstone  Foundation    Curriculum, Achievement and Safeguarding / Admissions / Foundation December 2020
Mrs Febin Basheer  Local Authority   Finance, Staffing and Premises / Curriculum, Achievement and Safeguarding June 2020
Mr Barry Milsom Associate Finance, Staffing and Premises / AdmissionsNovember 2020 
Mr Michael Dodds  Parent    Finance, Staffing and Premises January 2021
Mr Steve Byrne  Foundation   Finance, Staffing and Premises / Foundation November 2018
Mr Tim Wakley  Co-opted   Admissions / Finance, Staffing and Premises

April 2021

Mrs Lindsay Wood  Staff    Curriculum, Achievement and Safeguarding / Finance, Staffing and Premises

November 2020

Mrs Lizzie Tunley Parent Admissions / Curriculum, Achievement and SafeguardingNovember 2020
Mrs Elizabeth Read Foundation Foundation / Curriculum, Achievement and SafeguardingDecember 2020
Mrs Rebekah Murphy Parent Curriculum, Achievement and SafeguardingJanuary 2021