St Francis CofE Primary School

Year 6


Welcome to Year 6



Year 6 Staff: 

Mrs Mead, Mrs Sellars, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Walker, Mrs Joseph, Mrs York


Autumn Term 2018

SCIENCE The children have been observing how we need light in order to be able to see anything, how we can prove that light travels in straight lines and how those on a submarine can see above the surface using a periscope which contains mirrors.


RE The children have been engrossed in their learning about SIkhism through their hands on learning at the Sikh temple. The generosity shown to the children by the people who volunteered there, has had a lasting impact on all the children.

Year 6 events 2018-19

Meet the parents powerpoint

Letter regarding Sikh temple visit:sikh temple on letterhead.pdf 

Autumn Term Topic Planner:topic autumn 2018.pdf

Kit list for Pencelli Residential: Pencelli Kit List.pdf

Age related spellings patterns for Year 6:   Yr6 spelling list updated.pdf‚Äč